If there are any areas not covered below, please contact us directly.

How much will this cost me?
This all depends on the tour you take. For the USA,  you have to pay up front for the shipping, planning and guide. You then pay for all your costs such as fuel, food and motels as you go along so gives you plenty of options to suit yourself on how you want to pay for the trip. We will supply you with a full and accurate budget so please contact us for all pricing information.

Will you look after me?
Yes we will and we want to you to have the trip of a lifetime. All our trips will have Chris as the main guide along with a support rider. Both are very experienced in all aspects of adventure riding and are medically qualified through Exmed. The trips are designed to be an adventure and will test you both physically and mentally but we will give you full support along the way no matter what the issue. We want you to be fully involved in your adventure so we encourage full participation.

How many bikes will be on the trip?
We run all our trips with a maximum of 12 bikes which includes your 2 guides which we’ve found to be a perfect number. We also encourage you to ride in small groups of on your own if you wish so you can experience a real adventure. This small group ensures you enjoy the trip and real friendships will be formed.

Where will I be staying?
On our USA trips, we only use motels but we do have options for those who want to camp along the way. We use mid range family motels which are clean, comfortable and give you a feel for the real country.  Although we will book and arrange all the motels, the accommodation costs are down to you.

Do you pre-book accomodation?
We try to pre book all the accomodation for the most part where possible but due to the flexible nature of our trips we sometimes leave this to your guide who will find the accomodation on the day. This allows us to be flexible but because we know every inch of the route, this is never a problem. We always use mid range motels and generally stay away from the big chain brands unless we have to. We want you to enjoy every aspect of the trip and there is something fantastic about parking your bike outside your motel door!

What are we doing for food?
The choice is yours. We will have regular food stops on route but you are welcome to choose something different if you so wish or even carry your own supplies. Again, you will notice we avoid the chain restaurants as  much as possible so you can enjoy real local hospitality.

How do I ship my bike to the USA?
We arrange all that for you. Your bikes will either be loaded onto a fully insured and secure container or airfreighted to the point of departure and the same for the return trip. All the bikes for the trip will be shipped together so all you have to do is arrange your flight to coincide with the start of the trip and we even help with this. You can load all your riding gear into the container so you can fly with just hand luggage. Chris will personally do all the loading and unloading s your bike will be ready and waiting for you in good time. If you want to fly in a few days early, Chris will arrange a few local rides to get your eye in before we head off on the trip.

What personal insurance do I need?
You need a policy, which covers you for motorcycles. Please check the small print because some policies only cover your for 125cc. The best policies are the dangerous sports policies, which include repatriation in the event of a problem. This is particularly important in the USA. We are more than happy to help you with this and have negotiated some excellent deals so please contact us for details.

Will the NHS stand any medical costs?
Certainly not in the USA so you need the best cover you can get. In Europe there are reciprocal agreements with our NHS so please make sure you carry an EHIC card, which has your details on it.

What bike insurance do I need?
For the USA, your standard insurance policy will not cover you so you will need a different policy. We have found a great insurance provider and will arrange this for you.

What documents do I need?
faq_documentsYou will need your original V5 from your bike along with your drivers license and insurance policy. Originals are required. Sometimes it is useful to take a colour photocopy too.

I have never ridden overseas before, what is it like?
Broadly, the roads are less crowded and much nicer to ride. Riding on the right is very simple to get used to and in general, the signs are easy to follow. Our trips are run at a sensible pace so you will have no problems.

What do I need to bring with me?
A lot of people tend to overpack for their trips and there is no need.  In the USA, every town has plenty of launderette facilities so you can travel very light and of course you will not have any camping gear. We provide a complete list of what we take as a guideline.

Do I need a Sat Nav or any maps?
Yes, you certainly will need maps. One of the pleasures of any tour is to look at the map at the end of the day and trace where you have been and see where you will be going the next day. Sat Navs are an option but please bring one if you want to but we do not provide guaranteed sat nav route’s as most of our trips are subjest to change due to conditions..

How do I make a booking?
Simply click on our contact page button on the top navigation bar, fill in enquiry form uncluding your telephone number and we will get back to you to answer your questions, which you will probably have… If you’re happy, we can book you up. Simple.